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Young Copilot's First Flight
Arriving Reykjavik, Iceland
Captain Stu James and Preston Ramsey flight to London in Photo Gallery 9
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2017 Annual EJOA/Embraer Conference

The joint Embraer Jet Operators Association/Embraer Executive Jets annual conference will take place Wednesday, May 31-Saturday, June 3 at the Gaylord Opryland Resort and Convention Center in Nashville, Tennessee. You’ll get a full dose of continuing education on operating and owning your aircraft—piloting insights, safety briefings, product and service exhibits, and airframe, engine, and avionics technical updates—as well as enjoyable social gatherings with other owners, operators, and pilots, in one great event.

The keynote speaker will be Colonel (ret.) Mark Tillman, the 12th Presidential pilot who was in the left seat of Air Force One on September 11, 2001.

And it all takes place in Music City USA, home to some of the world’s best singers, songwriters and session players; iconic honky-tonks; the historic Ryman Auditorium; and the Country Music Museum and Hall of Fame. You don’t have to be a country music fan to appreciate and enjoy surprising Nashville.

For information about the annual conference, to take advantage of discounted Early Bird registration, and to make your special conference-rate reservations at the Gaylord Opryland:

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Embraer Extends Landing Gear Overhaul Requirement

We have good news from Embraer regarding an issue the association has been working for several years—the Phenom landing gear overhaul requirement. The following is from Greg Graber, VP, North America Customer Support and Services for Embraer Executive Jets.

“Embraer Executive Jets are proud to announce the decision to increase the overhaul interval from 8 to 10 years for both Phenom 100 and Phenom 300. This outstanding result was possible due to the proven quality of our product and the focus of our program group to meet or exceed our Phenom operator’s expectations.

“A sampling process was utilized for this project which consisted of conducting overhauls on two landing gear sets from a fleet operator in the U.S. in order to obtain a high-utilization sample. In addition, we sampled two sets from typical U.S. individual customers. We also sampled a Brazilian customer for substantiation of a landing gear which had a lower calendar life.

“The overhaul of the gear encompassed considerable labor necessary for the complete disassemble, bushing removal, stripping, non-destructive inspection, dimensional inspection, cleaning, repairs & painting, surface protection, reassembly and test, all in accordance with the Component Maintenance Manual (CMM). The overhaul sampling results were evaluated by our engineering group, who validated the calendar life expansion.

“The new Time Between Overhaul (TBO) for the nose and main landing gears has been raised from 8 years (96 months) to 10 years (120 months) or 12,000 flight cycles, whichever occurs first. No modification or inspection is required to qualify for this TBO extension and there are no changes needed to any aircraft hardware or software.

The new information will be reflected within FlyEmbraer and in future field documentation.

“We believe this demonstrates how the Embraer team is working diligently to lower operating costs and deliver the best services to all of our Phenom family.

“We appreciate your business and trust this will be helpful.”

Phenom 300 Most Delivered Business Jet Fourth Straight Year

Embraer Executive Jets delivered 63 Phenom 300 light jets in 2016, the highest volume of any business jet model for the year, according to the General Aviation Manufacturers Association (GAMA). This is the fourth consecutive year that the Phenom 300 achieves this mark.

In seven years of operation, the Phenom 300 fleet is approaching the 400 aircraft mark, having garnered more than half of the light-jet market share since 2012. Some 266 300s have been delivered since 2013. The aircraft is in operation in 30 countries and has accumulated close to 500,000 flight hours.

Eye of the Mentor: To Make Things Happen Fast, Memorize Those Profiles

It’s common knowledge that things happen quickly in jets. Starting an approach in a light jet at 180 knots obviously requires much faster thinking to maintain situational awareness than does the same approach in a single-engine piston at 90 knots. While this reality certainly challenges transitioning jet pilots, what’s often even more challenging than things happening quickly is that the pilot needs to make things happen even more quickly.

Particularly during atypical events, such as non-precision approaches or single-engine operations, the pilot needs to be on top of standard IFR tasks (maintaining airspeed and course, leveling off at appropriate altitude, etc.), while also accomplishing aircraft-specific configuration and power changes. These can happen in quick sequence, and often can occur only after specific cueing events such as attaining a predetermined altitude or airspeed.

To read Neil Singer’s full blog on how to reduce pilot overload using profiles and callouts, go to Eye of the Mentor Blog

Radar Basics: What’s Back of Black? NEXRAD Can Help

Sometimes it’s what you can’t see that can hurt you, and that is certainly the case with airborne weather radar, says Erik Eliel of Radar Training International (www.rtiradar.com). Pilots who use radar should be keenly aware of the implications of precipitation attenuation, which may manifest itself as a “radar shadow” on the display.

This is just one of several scenarios where aircraft weather radar can lure the unaware into serious trouble. The good news is—in the U.S. at least—there is something pilots can do about this, provided NEXRAD data is available.

Of course, any information advocating the use of NEXRAD imagery must be prefaced with the caveat that it is never to be used tactically as a replacement for airborne weather radar. But it can augment radar nicely, and if employed properly can significantly enhance safety. To read Erik’s full blog on how NEXRAD can provide information about severe weather conditions that radar may not be capable of, go to Erik Eliel's Blog

Online LOC-I Training Course

Aviation Performance Solutions LLC (APS) is offering a free online training course on Loss of Control In-flight (LOC-I), the #1 threat to air safety.

“APS is committed to helping the members of the Embraer Jet Operators Association get the knowledge and skills necessary to overcome LOC-I,” says APS President Paul BJ Ransbury. “By eliminating this threat in your day-to-day operations, you dramatically improve your operational safety by squelching a causal factor that's responsible for 40% to 60% of all fatalities in general aviation.”

APS is one of EJOA’s Affiliate partners, offering members a discount on the High-Altitude/High-Mach Jet Upset Training flight when enrolled in the APS on-aircraft Upset Prevention & Recovery Training (UPRT) course in Phoenix or Dallas.

For more information about the APS offering to members, see APS LOC-I EJOA. For more on the APS online LOC-I training course, see APS LOC-I Online Training.


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