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Arriving Reykjavik, Iceland
Captain Stu James and Preston Ramsey flight to London in Photo Gallery 9
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Many resources are available to Embraer Jet Operators Association members including annual conventions, product and service discounts, a professionally-produced newsletter, and a dedicated website. Two membership classes are available:

  • Active: Own a Phenom or Legacy aircraft, have one on order, or hold a Phenom or Legacy type-rating.
  • Affiliate: Provide aviation-related services.

Annual membership fees are US $250 for Active members and US $500 for Affiliates.

Click here to join.

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2016 Annual Conference: Put It On Your Calendar

Next May 18-21, you'll want to be in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Plan on it, because that's when and where our 2016 annual conference will be held. We'll soon be launching the official registration process, but we wanted to give you a heads up on the time and place. As at Coeur d'Alene in 2014 and Naples, Florida, earlier this year, Embraer will hold its Phenom Executive Operators Conference in conjunction with our annual conference. That means you'll get everything-technical updates on your airplane, operation and maintenance insights, safety briefings, and social interactions with other Phenom owners and operators-in one great event.

Put it on your calendar: May 18-21, PHENOMENAL 2016, Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Meanwhile, the Board of Directors has decided to forgo the proposed mini-conference in Provo this coming November. It was unclear that attendance would meet the minimum required in our proposed contract with the resort, so rather than risk punitive penalties for falling short, the decision was made to cancel.

We've had successful and enjoyable mini-conferences in Puerto Rico in 2013 and the Napa area in 2014, and the board very much wants to continue to have a smaller, more social mini-conference during the year in addition to the large annual conference. We'd like to hear your thoughts on what time of year you'd prefer for a mini-conference, and possible locations.

Please email your suggestions to executivedirector@phenom.aero.

Thanks, and we'll have details to you very soon on the 2016 annual conference.

Board of Directors Approves Revised Bylaws

The Board of Directors has approved a revised set of bylaws that synchronize language in the bylaws with the association's Articles of Incorporation, which were amended earlier this year to change the name of the association to the Embraer Jet Operators Association. The amendments also bring the bylaws into compliance with Florida state regulations regarding not-for-profit organizations.

Other changes to the bylaws provide for the board to solicit Members and directors for nominees to fill expiring terms of directors, or vacancies on the board. Nominees will be voted on by the board.

Other amendments to the bylaws add details of the Fleet membership, which allow for a fleet operator to have up to 10 pilots as members of the association; and provide for conference calls to conduct board meetings.

For a complete reading of the association's bylaws, Click Here.

Embraer Scores Big in Pro Pilot OEM Support Poll

Embraer's continuous effort to improve its customer support is paying off big. The August issue of Professional Pilot magazine reports that Embraer ranked first in the magazine's annual Corporate Aircraft Product Support Survey. It's the first time Embraer has topped all other business jet manufacturers in the annual survey.

The survey asks Pro Pilot readers to rate manufacturers' support in a variety of categories: company response time; spares availability; cost of parts; speed in AOG service; tech manuals; tech reps; and service satisfaction. Embraer's overall score was 8.50 out of 10, a significant .45 improvement over last year's third-place score.

Compared with the 2014 survey, Embraer improved its score in each of the seven categories. Its highest scores were for tech reps and service satisfaction; the lowest score was for cost of parts, as it was for every manufacturer listed.

Although Embraer received far fewer reader responses than the other manufacturers named in the survey (Gulfstream, Cessna Citation, Dassault, Bombardier, and Hawker Beechcraft), the magazine looks at scores in each of the seven categories rather than number of replies to the mailed survey. The magazine published reader comments about manufacturer support of their aircraft, including several from Phenom Jet Association members.

A digital copy of the August issue of Pro Pilot can be viewed at http://online.propilotmag.com/August2015#&pageSet=0&contentItem=0

A letter to members from Keith Christensen, President, Phenom Jet Association:

Legacy 450 and 500 Owners and Operators: Welcome to the Family

The Phenom Jet Association Board of Directors has been following Embraer's introduction of the Legacy 450 and 500 models with great interest. With their state-of-the art cockpits, performance, and passenger comfort, the new Legacys represent the next generation of business jet aircraft. As did the Phenom 100 and 300, the Legacy 500 and 450 will move immediately to the head of their class in the marketplace.

We are convinced there are many similarities and synergies shared by the Phenom and Legacy families. We know of Phenom owners and operators who are attracted to the 500's transcontinental range and the generous cabin proportions both models enjoy, and who are seriously considering moving into one of the two new models.

One fundamental difference between the Phenom and the Legacy that some point to is the required crew complement-the Phenoms are single-pilot certified, while the Legacys are two-pilot airplanes. In practice, however, that is less of a difference than it appears. Many Phenom owner-pilots fly with a professional pilot in the right seat, making for a seamless move into a Legacy.

When Phenom 100 deliveries began in December 2008, there was no association to provide useful information and communication on ownership and operational issues. That vacuum led directly to formation of the Phenom Jet Association.

We note that as Legacy customer deliveries begin, no association exists to provide the kind of resources we enjoy as members of the Phenom Jet Association. We believe there is an immediate and obvious way to fulfill that need, and that is for our association to invite Legacy 450 and 500 owners, operators, and type-rated pilots to join with us.

We have much to offer:

  • A mature website with a Resources section where pilots new to the airplane can find a large library of articles and technical information on everything from training and mentoring, airframe and engines, and avionics, to FAA regulations.
  • Established working relationships with Embraer technical, sales, service, and support personnel
  • Discounts from product and service providers
  • A Forum with many different Topics
  • An online Flight Log
  • An annual conference held in conjunction with Embraer's Executive Operators Conference

We also have much to gain:

  • Increased Forum activity
  • Participation by experienced professional pilots and flight departments
  • Insiders' knowledge and perspective on Legacy ownership and operation
  • The strength and influence that comes with greater membership numbers

We're ready to invite the Legacy 450 and 500 community to join us. Rest assured that expanding the scope of the association will have no adverse effect on activity and benefits for Phenom members. To the contrary, we see only beneficial returns.

One change that will take place is renaming the association to better recognize the broader scope of the membership. After considering many possibilities we've chosen the name Embraer Jet Operators Association, Inc. The name is inclusive and descriptive, and avoids any confusion with Embraer Executive Jets. We've started the legal process of updating the name, and you'll soon see the changes on the web site.

As Embraer's penetration in the light- and midsize-jet market grows, so grows our association. We are on a positive trajectory, growing bigger and getting better. I'd appreciate hearing your perspective. Please email me at keith@ci-aviation.com.




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