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RegistrationPhenom TypeParameters 
MY-ACFT Phenom 100
Side Seat Option
MZFW: 8554 lb
Engine: PW617F-E
Basic Empty Weight (lb):
Empty CG (in):
Hourly Cost ($/hr):
Fuel Cost ($/gal):
Home Airport:
W&B Email:

Phenom Performance Calculator 2.0

Revision 2.0 includes:

  • Added Phenom 100 8554, 8885 and 9072 lb MZFW options.
  • Added Phenom 300 divan option.
  • Added Phenom 300 14220 lb MZFW option.
  • Added Phenom 100EV performance calculations.
  • Added single engine cruise performance.
  • Added N1 takeoff thrust setting.
  • More additions pending...

This site is a web-based version of the myPhenom iPad app that the Embraer Jet Operators Association offers members at no cost.

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