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RegistrationPhenom TypeParameters 
Phenom 100:
   4 Passenger
   4 + Belted Lav
   4 + Side Seat
   4 + Belted Lav & Side Seat
Maximum Zero Fuel Weight (MZFW):
   8,444 Pounds
   8,554 Pounds
   8,775 Pounds
   8,885 Pounds
   9,072 Pounds

Phenom 300:
   300, 6 Passenger
   300, 6 + Belted Lav
   300, 6 + Side Seat
   300, 6 + Belted Lav & Side Seat
   300, 6 + Side Facing Divan
   300, 6 + Belted Lav & Divan
Maximum Zero Fuel Weight (MZFW):
   13,999 Pounds
   14,220 Pounds
Basic Empty Weight (lb):
Empty CG(in):
Hourly Cost (Note 1):
Fuel Cost ($/gal):
Home Airport:
W&B Email (Note 2):
Note 1: The aircraft's hourly cost of operation is calculated by adding all the direct operating cost associated with the aircraft. This would typically be hourly fees associated with any airframe and engine programs such as EEC and JSSI, and the per hour depreciation incurred by additional airframe time at time of resale. Fixed costs that do not vary with aircraft usage, such as hangar and insurance, should not be included.
Note 2: The email address to which the Weight and Balance Analysis is sent.

Phenom Performance Calculator 2.0

Revision 2.0 includes:

  • Added Phenom 100 8554, 8885 and 9072 lb MZFW options.
  • Added Phenom 300 divan option.
  • Added Phenom 300 14220 lb MZFW option.
  • Added Phenom 100EV performance calculations.
  • Added single engine cruise performance.
  • Added N1 takeoff thrust setting.
  • More additions pending...

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