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Common Questions

Q. I qualify for both Active and Affiliate membership since I'm a Phenom or Legacy owner and also affiliated with an aviation-related company. Which membership class should I select?

A. Affiliate membership provides service listings, sponsorship and other opportunities for promoting your company to the Phenom and Legacy community. If these benefits are important to you, then join as an Affiliate. If not, select Active membership.

Q. My company is an Embraer Authorized Service Center and holds an Affiliate Membership. How do I join?

A. Easy. Just click "Join Now" and complete your application. Assuming your company hasn't used all its 10 member slots, you'll automatically be enrolled at no additional cost.

Q. What if my company has already used its 10 member slots?

A. Additional members may join for $125.00. This applies to both Active and Affiliate memberships.

Q. I fly my Phenom myself. Can my wife join as part of my Active membership?

A. Absolutely! The Association values our spouse members and appreciates their involvement. Just be sure she (or he) includes your aircraft registration in her application.

The Embraer Jet Operators Association was founded in 2010 originally as the Phenom Jet Association as an international organization to encourage the safe and efficient operation of Embraer Phenom aircraft, and fellowship among owners, pilots, operators and service-providers of these fine aircraft. In October, 2015 the Association changed its name and charter to the Embraer Jet Operators Association supporting all Embraer's corporate aircraft.

Many resources are available to Association members including annual conventions, product and service discounts, a professionally-produced newsletter, and a dedicated website.

Two membership classes are available:

  • Active: You own at least 25 percent of an Embraer aircraft, or have a confirmed Phenom or Legacy delivery position, or hold a Phenom or Legacy type-rating.
  • Affiliate: You, or your company, provide services to Phenom or Legacy owners, or operate Phenoms or Legacies commercially.

Annual dues are US $250.00 for Active Membership, and US $500.00 for Affiliate Membership.

Both membership classes allow two individuals to be listed as members. For example, both an owner and his pilot would be included under a single Active Membership

In addition, Affiliates listed as providing Phenom or Legacy services in Embraer's current "Embraer-Owned and Authorized Service Centers for Executive Jets" reference guide are allowed up to ten individual members. We all benefit when Phenom or Legacy Service Centers are as broadly informed as possible.

Additional members may be added to either membership class for US $125.00 annually.

In addition to normal membership privileges, Affiliate membership provides sponsorship, advertising, services listing and other promotional opportunities.

If you own, fly or support Phenom or Legacy aircraft, join us!

If you are already a member, including a trial or expired membership, please login and then click "Renew" under "About" in the header menu.

Click Here to join at EJOA.AERO.

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