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Young Copilot's First Flight
Arriving Reykjavik, Iceland
Captain Stu James and Preston Ramsey flight to London in Photo Gallery 9
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Asheville Conference Presentations Available Online

Presentations given at the recent Asheville PHENOMENAL mini-conference by Embraer Executive Jets and Phenom/Legacy mentor pilot Russ Bird are now available on the Embraer Jet Operators Association website. To view the presentations go here: Asheville Conference presentations

The presentations were just one part of the Asheville conference. It began with a Welcome Reception under the stars at The Grove Park Inn in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains. After the Friday morning seminar session, conferees boarded a bus for the Biltmore Estate winery where they enjoyed an enjoyable and educational session on how the chemical components in wines react with the chemicals in food to produce those pleasurable, and sometimes not so pleasurable, tastes.

That evening the group toured the fabulous Biltmore Estate, ending with a unique reception on the rooftop of the grand house. They finished the day with dinner in the Stable Café, site of the original Biltmore Estate horse stables.

Saturday afternoon was open for golfing, spa treatments, and simply relaxing on The Grove Park Inn’s porch, enjoying the view and the sunny weather. Saturday evening Embraer treated conference guests to a very nice dinner at Posana restaurant in downtown Asheville.

Our next PHENOMENAL conference will be the annual event, scheduled for May 31-June 3 at the Gaylord Opryland Resort in Nashville, Tennessee. As with the last three annual conferences, Embraer Executive Jets is holding its annual Phenom Executive Operators Conference in conjunction with our PHENOMENAL Conference. You only need register once to attend both events.

Embraer will hold its Legacy Executive Operators Conference immediately following the PHENOMENAL/EEOC event, also at the Gaylord.

Stay tuned for more details and the opening of PHENOMENAL Nashville registration.

Embraer Studies Landing Gear Overhaul Extension

Embraer Executive Jets is considering extending, by two years, the calendar TBO for the required landing gear overhaul for the Phenom 100 and 300, and will monitor the overhaul of five ship sets to guide its decision. In a letter to EJOA members, EEJ said it will evaluate the results of two landing gear overhauls from a fleet operator, one from a Brazilian customer, and two “typical” North American customers. The customers have already been selected based on time in service and geographic locations.

Landing gear TBO may be extended two years

The current TBO for Phenom landing gear overhaul is 8 years (96 months) calendar time or 12,000 flight cycles, whichever comes first. EEJ’s proposed target is 10 years (120 months) while maintaining the 12,000 flight-cycles TBO.

EEJ said it expects to make a decision on the landing gear overhaul extension by February 2017. An operator who reaches the current 8-year limit before the sampling process is complete can obtain a letter extending the TBO calendar time.

Embraer Tops OEM Product Support Surveys

Embraer Executive Jets scored big in this year’s AIN and ProPilot OEM Product Support reader surveys—big as in capturing the top spot in both surveys.

Readers responding to AIN’s 2016 Product Support Survey gave Embraer the highest combined overall average (8.4 out of a possible 10) for newer and older aircraft. Dassault Falcon and Gulfstream (both midsize- and large-cabin jets) tied for second place at 8.2. Bombardier’s Challenger series placed third. Bombardier’s Globals and Textron Aviation’s Citations tied for fourth place, both with a 7.9 rating, up 0.2 from last year. Bombardier’s Learjet support climbed to a 7.8 rating, up from last year’s 7.7, leaving it with a fifth-place ranking. For the complete AIN report go to:


In the ProPilot survey, Embraer beat out Gulfstream, Dassault, Citation-Textron, Bombardier, and Hawker Beechcraft-Textron, in that order. Embraer's overall score was 8.58 out of 10, up from 8.51 in 2015. Embraer scored first among manufacturers in cost of parts, tech manuals, tech reps, and service satisfaction categories.

To read the full ProPilot report, go to:

http://online.propilotmag.com/Aug2016 - &pageSet=36

Congratulations, Embraer, for outstanding performance in this year's OEM surveys.

APS Sets Phenom Weekend In October

The Embraer Jet Operators Association is partnering with Aviation Performance Solutions (APS) to present a three-day Professional Pilot Upset Training (PPUT) course October 20-22 at APS headquarters in Mesa, Arizona, for up to 10 EJOA members.

The first two days of the PPUT program include three flights in an Extra 300 or, optionally, an S211 Marchetti, dedicated to the fundaments of advanced stall and modern upset training. The fourth flight on Day 3 focuses on instrument-only recovery and a thorough spin awareness session. Participants also receive comprehensive ground, flight, and post-flight instruction on situations ranging from stalls and unusual attitudes to fully developed spins including basic all-attitude maneuvering to reinforce upset awareness, prevention, and recovery skills.

EJOA/APS course has optional S211 Marchetti flight

Note that Option 2 (S211) is limited to two participants, Option 3 (A4 Jet Enhancement) is limited to one participant, and Option 4 (S211 Jet Enhancement) is limited to one participant.

Upset training provides the skills, and the confidence, to handle an inadvertent departure from normal flight in any scenario, and APS is the recognized worldwide leader in this very specialized training. Join fellow Phenom pilots in an enjoyable, informative, and rewarding experience. The deadline for registering is September 11.

For more information and to register, go to:


Peace-of-Mind Health Services With Mayo’s ProPilot

Many pilots avoid medical exams, even preventive services, because they fear losing their FAA medical certificates. This avoidance often results in receiving substandard medical care. Unaddressed medical needs are a far greater risk to a pilot's career than well-planned preventive and aviation examinations. The best insurance for protection against unexpected medical issues that could threaten your aviation medical certificate is to become involved with a program of early detection.

That is the core of the Mayo Clinic's ProPilot Program. It offers high-quality aviation medical certification exams paired with preventive health screening and, if necessary, treatment, all coordinated and conducted at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota.

Mayo has formed an exclusive partnership with the Embraer Jet Operators Association to offer ProPilot to members, both individuals and flight departments. For more information about ProPilot and to sign up, go to:


Embraer Debuts New Phenom 100 EV

At EAA’s AirVenture Embraer Executive Jets announced a new version of the Phenom 100—the Phenom 100 EV, for Evolution.

Slated for certification and first deliveries in the first quarter of 2017, the 100 EV will be a "touch more Phenom" because of its Garmin Prodigy Touch 3000 avionics, and better performance. A change in the Fadec software extracts 35 lbs more thrust from the P&W 617F1-E engines for better hot and high takeoff and climb performance, and an impressive 16-kt increase in max cruise speed to 405 KTAS.

New Phenom 100 EV

In response to questions, Embraer Executive Jets President Marco Tulio Pelligrini said the Touch 3000 probably will not be offered as a retrofit to existing Phenom 100s. However, he agreed that members of the Embraer Jet Operators Association who own and/or fly Phenom 100s will be interested in the P&W engine modification. Embraer said it will work with the association to gauge member interest in the EV engine upgrade.



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