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Arriving Reykjavik, Iceland
Captain Stu James and Preston Ramsey flight to London in Photo Gallery 9
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Register Now for 2016 Annual Conference

Registration for the 2016 annual conference is open. The joint Embraer Jet Operators Association/Embraer Executive Jets annual conference will take place May 18-21 in Santa Fe, New Mexico. You'll get everything -- airframe, engine, and avionics technical updates on your airplane; piloting insights; safety briefings; and social interactions with other owners and operators -- in one great event.

Santa Fe at night

And it all takes place in artistic and historic Santa Fe. For information, discounted Early Bird registration, and to make your special conference-rate hotel reservations click on the button below...

Caution: Wet, Ungrooved Concrete Runways

One of the featured presenters at the upcoming annual conference will be Neil Singer, a Master Instructor, experienced Phenom mentor pilot, and our own Pilot Proficiency Advisor. One of Neil's topics will be landing performance -- what factors determine the length of runway you'll need to land and stop safely. Landing performance also is the subject of Neil's latest blog, which begins:

"Two recent Phenom overruns have an interesting variable in common: both occurred landing on a wet, concrete, ungrooved runway. Ungrooved concrete runways represent less than one in five of all paved runways in the U.S., but can be particularly treacherous when wet."

To read more about what Neil describes as "the massive difference in stopping distance required on an ungrooved concrete runway versus a grooved asphalt runway," go to Neil's Eye of the Mentor blog below

Make Briefings Standard Operating Procedure

Bryan Lesko, a Phenom mentor pilot who also flies for a major Part 121 carrier, lives in a world of Standard Operating Procedures, a big part of which is consistent use of briefings -- reviews of upcoming phases of flight to ensure preparedness. He believes strongly in doing the same for Part 91 ops, both single-pilot and two-crew.

"A well-done departure briefing takes 3-4 minutes at most," Lesko says. "It is conducted with the engines off with ZERO time pressure. It is done whether we're single pilot, or dual crew. It gives us a greater success for repeatable performance, every time."

Read his blog on the value of SOP briefings at...

Those Aren't Just Engine Inlets, They're Art

John Wood, who with two other partners owns and flies a Phenom 100, also is a very talented craftsman with an artist's eye. At the 2014 annual convention in Coeur d'Alene, John took some stunning panoramic photos of the flightline: Coeur d'Alene panorama

Now he's turned his considerable talents to creating some very unique wall art, using scrapped Phenom 300 engine inlets given to him by Embraer. The result is a fascinating objet d'art John calls "Convergent Zoom." He has written a detailed guide to the materials and processes he used to create the piece, and has provided us with a copy of the guide. We've posted it at the button below...

Convergent Zoom by John Wood

John says there are a good supply of scrapped Phenom engine inlets available for those interested. John has two more, given to him by Eagle Creek's Matt Hagans, which he says he intends to turn into wall mirrors for his two grown daughters. "Obviously there are many different ‘artistic' configurations" that someone could pursue with such materials, he says, adding, "Let's see what others can do."

How to Cover 16, 678 NM and 10 Countries in 46 Hours

Philippe Lacrosse uses his Phenom 300 to its fullest extent, and he enjoys every minute of flying it. He picked his new airplane up in Sao Jose Dos Campos in Brazil and flew it back to France via the United States and the North Atlantic. Since then he has jumped at every chance of piloting his trusty jet to the U.S., all over Europe and occasionally to Africa, the Middle East and the borders of Asia. Many of you have met Philippe at our conferences, which he faithfully attends.

Iguazu Falls bordering Argentina and Brazil

Philippe and his pilot, Jean-Christophe Roy, recently flew another ocean-spanning international trip, this time from France to the U.S., the West Indies, South America, Africa, and back to France. They have written a detailed account of the three-week adventure. For some interesting armchair traveling...

Reliance on Automation a Growing Concern

How would you rate your manual flying skills -- your ability to precisely control the aircraft without use of the autopilot or the full suite of advanced avionics. The Flight Safety Foundation asked that question of 30 experienced U.S. commercial airline pilots in a 2010 study, and the answer was disturbingly surprising. The study found that while 80 percent of the pilots reported that they typically hand fly the aircraft below 10,000 feet, the pilots' aggregate scores for manual flying maneuvers fell below FAA's standards for these pilots. Despite the pilots' stated manual flight experience, they were not able to meet the standards using only basic instrumentation that would be available if an automation failure occurred during flight.

A recent Audit Report issued by the Department of Transportation's Inspector General cited the FSF study, as well as recent air carrier accidents, in noting that "reliance on automation is a growing concern among industry experts, who have also questioned whether pilots are provided enough training and experience to maintain manual flying proficiency." Although the report focuses on airline pilot training and proficiency, the same concerns probably could be expressed about general aviation pilots flying advanced jets. You can read the IG's comments at DOT IG Report.

Legacy 450/500 and Phenom 300/100 News Briefs

  • Embraer has announced an 11 percent increase in range of the new Legacy 450 midsize jet, to 2,900 nmi. Minor modifications to the wing and updates to the Fuel Control Unit (FCU), avionics, and aircraft flight manuals will permit the increased range. The changes will be retrofittable for the first aircraft serial numbers assembled without this extra fuel tank capacity. List price of the aircraft remains unchanged at US $16.57 million, based on 2015 dollars. The 450 is the first aircraft in its class to feature digital flight controls and full fly-by-wire capability, with a maximum cruise speed of Mach 0.83 and a ceiling of 45,000 feet.
  • The new Legacy 500 set two new world speed records late last year, making for a total of six in 2015. The newest speed records were for "Speed over a Recognized Course" on a trip from the west coast of the United States to Hawaii, with five passengers on board. The flight from Burbank to Kahului (Maui), covered 2,165 nm (4,010 km) in 6 hours, at an average ground speed of 422.25 mph (680 km/h), and the return flight to Phoenix achieved 525.97 mph (846 km/h), covering 2,470 nm (4,574) in 5 hours and 30 minutes. The National Aeronautic Association and the Federation Aeronautique Internationale have confirmed each of these flights as a U.S. record and a world record, respectively. In all six speed record flights, the Legacy 500 completed the mission with NBAA IFR fuel reserves.
  • Fractional provider Flexjet has taken delivery of a Legacy 500. Flexjet also operates a Phenom 300.

Flexjet's new Legacy 500

  • Executive AirShare has taken delivery of its ninth Phenom 300.The company has 14 Phenom 100s in fractional operations and two under management; and nine 300s plus one under management and four more 300s arriving in 2016 with options for five more.
  • Emirates Flight Training Academy has signed a firm order for five Phenom 100Es, plus options for five more, to be used in advanced airline pilot training programs.

Phenom 100Es will be used for advanced pilot training

Deliveries are scheduled to begin in 2017. Emirates operates a fleet of more than 240 wide-bodied aircraft to more than 145 destinations in six continents. The Phenom 100E is already serving flight schools in the U.S., Finland and Australia.



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